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regarding salary 2007/7/26 22:45

i am getting 500,000 japanese yen per month. Please let me know is it sufficient for living? i m planning to stay nerby tokyo. please suggest me some place near by Minato-ku, Tokyo.

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

by vikas  

Bags of Cash!! 2007/7/30 04:31
Prey tell dear boy what job you actually have?
500k per month is more than enough, many people survive on half that and still have a good time.
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depends 2007/7/30 07:24
500,000 yen a month is more (double in many cases) than what most English teachers make, but on the low side for someone working in finance or IT- in those fields that is entry level.

Also if you want to live in Minato-ku, a very expensive area, it may not be enough as a tiny one room apartment in those areas usually goes for around 200,000 yen, so if you want anything bigger...

500,000 is certainly enough to live off in Tokyo but it depends on what your outgoing expenses are!
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salary 2007/7/30 16:28
Hi Vikas,

500,000 yen is definitely more than enough. The average salary in Tokyo is around 250,000 to 300,000 per mth.

Just wandering what will you be doing to achieve that target? Care to share some info?

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Got very good response 2007/8/3 14:31
Hi Guys,
Thanks a lot for your quick response.Its really appreciated.

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