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English in Japanese music? 2007/7/27 02:51
I can't help but sometimes hear random English words slurred into Japanese songs totally out of context or bands that have their entire name in English or things like that.

Like an entire song done in English by the band ''Beat Crusaders'' to the extent I have to listen to it multiple times just to realize its English.

I can't think of other examples right now, but is it common to hear some English language mixed in some aspect of Japanese life, or am I hearing a very small percentage and hardly anyone uses English in any way ever.

P.S. I apologize for the confusing grammar and what-not.
by Morgan  

English 2007/7/30 09:49

Yes, it is fairly common in all aspects of life in Japan. In many cases it is meaningless, but using odd English words like this is often considered "cool" or "exotic" - in the same way that many westerners enthuse about meaningless Japanese tattoos.
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