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Dj'ing in Japan: Newbie friendly? 2007/7/27 07:36
I'm currently interested in DJ'ing and have been teaching myself on my computer before I drop cash on some tables.

However, I plan on going to teach english in japan for a year and then backpacking in asia after that.

I'll probaly be a noob by the time I get to japan as there isn't much demand for the music I play around my college/town.

So how hard is it to get a job or even DJ gigs/jobs as a foreigner in japan? Especially one without much(if any by that time) experience working gigs?

I plan on spinning trance,D&B, hard/deep house,, and some other electronica. Would the fact that black help/hurt?
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Metro 2007/7/30 10:26
If you are a brotha and you have talent, it can be of great benefit. Although Tokyo is the trendy place, i would not suggest it-too much competition.
Osaka is a busy place, but I think the opportunities are bit better.
There is one club in Kyoto, where they play everything, a little bit of D/B, it's Club Metro.
My reccomendation is work a regular job(Engteacher) in Japan then volunteer your skills at a small club so you can built a following. Then go where the wind takes you...
By the way, where are you from?
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? 2007/8/1 00:44
I'm from illinois, and thanks for the advice.
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