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Student/Working Life in Japan? 2007/7/27 11:17
I am a twenty year old Irish college student, currently in second year.

I plan to live in Japan for at least three to five years at some point after having completed my course (two more years). I plan to visit Japan before I move out for a longer period of time - perhaps to learn Japanese, so that I can make an informed decision.

I am however not quite sure whether to go for a job which will allow me to stay for 5 years or to go for the option of continuing my studies in Japan. I would be interested in becoming a permanent resident (not a citizen) of Japan, but it seems most college courses last three years, rather than the minumum of five required to become a resident.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated,

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first work visa... 2007/7/30 12:45
Don't think about becoming a resident of Japan until you have lived here a while and found out whether it suits you. I have lived in Japan for 9 years and have not become a resident.

Unless you marry a Japanese citizen it will take 10 years to become a permanent resident in any case. For people married to Japanese nationals it usually takes about 5 years.

Until then you would be on a working visa which is easy to get provided you have a university degree and a company to sponsor you.
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