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Toy shops in Osaka and Tokyo 2007/7/27 17:17
We have two boys - 3 and 5 years old. Can anyone suggest a toy shop for kids at this age in Osaka and Tokyo. Probably a place like toysrus but better price. How about Toy Park and Pokemon center in Tokyo ? They are interested in Superheroes like Batman and Spiderman, also Ben Ten from Cartoon network and Pokemon stuff. Thanks,
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Toy shops 2007/7/30 16:12
Kiddy Land on Omotesando avenue in Tokyo (Harajuku stop on Yamanote Loop line) is one of the very best toy shop in the whole world. Don't expect low prices ,this is a very famous shopping area. you can also try any 100 yen stores, they are all over the place!. Tokyu Hands. is a big store with all sorts of great stuff for the house, for crafts, etc. You can find Tokyu Hands in major shopping areas (Shinjuku south, Ikebukuro). I am familiar with Osaka but not with their toy stores. Sorry!
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Toy stores 2007/7/30 16:18
this is what I found after googling toy stores in Osaka:

IT IS FROM A GUY NAMED ROB WHO answered a question like yours, also in Japan-guide!!!
"Go to Den Den Town, the Joshin Super Kids World store should be your first stop. Take the subway to Ebisucho (station K18) on the Sakaisuji line and leave the station via exit 1A. Turn right out of the exit and walk one block north. There are several other smaller toy stores on this street. If you go one more block north from Joshin, then take a left at the junction and walk west for about 5 minutes you will come to the Labi1 Namba store. One of the top two floors has a toy section. You can't really miss the place, it is massive. "
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Try Ueno! 2007/7/30 17:39
Yamashiroya Toy shop is a 7 level store. Easily accessible from the Ueno Rail Staion on the main Yamanote Loop line. I go here at the end of my trip to unload yen on fun!

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more 2007/7/30 17:41
Ueno is in North Tokyo. There is a huge shopping arcade for everything. The Ueno Zoo and park are also fun for kids and you alike.
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Yodabashi Akihabara 2007/7/31 05:15
If you're planning to stop off at Akihabara while in Tokyo, you could try Yodabashi. Its mainly an electronics store, but they have one floor dedicated to toys, and games.

The selection is very good, and they tend to price things at a slight discount off of the suggested retail price.

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TOYS 2007/8/1 07:40
Another vote for Yamashiroya Toy shop by Ueno station.

I stumbled on this store during my last trip. (we were supposed to be going to the nearby zoo....)

But you can see pandas anyday.


It's only in japanese but the pitures guve you an idea what to expect.
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