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dvd drama 2007/7/28 04:39
i am goingo to go japan next month. i am really interested in japanese drama (for example "hanayori dango" and so on...) so i would like to buy some of them.
are they expensive?
well,i heard that in tokyo there are a lot of second hand shops of dvd,is it true?
can you tell me where i can find them or any informations?
thank you!
by kitty  

... 2007/7/30 15:38
I don't know where you're from but basically DVDs sold in Japan (of Japanese dramas) DO NOT have English/Chinese subtitles. And they cost more than what are sold in other Asian countries. (ex. Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia)

When I lived in the Philippines, I bought DVDs everytime I travelled to Hong Kong to satify my cravings for Japanese dramas.
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Internet 2007/7/30 20:26
The best place to get Japanese drama's is Hong Kong, because they come with English subtitles. I bought 1 Liter Of Tears from Sensasian. It cost me 10, and I got free delivery because I spent over 30 on a few other things. Be warned though, the person who did the subtitles isn't exactly a government standard translator or anything. Just good enough to get the message across, but not the standard you'd expect from subtitles on a European film.
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second hand shops 2007/7/31 01:47
You can find second hand shops of DVD in everywhere. Specialty shop is rare, most of shop mainly sell second hand books. Big chain store is "BOOK OFF". Besides, I recommend you to look for it in Akihabara, famous city for electronic equipment, Japanese cartoon etc.

But I think it is very difficult to find popular title of second hands DVD like hanayori-dango. Everyone want it, so price is not cheap.

*BOOK OFF (Japanese)


...or find second hand shops in this site

*Town Page
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. 2007/7/31 03:18
Not all of the Chinese versions of jdramas come with english, the reason they are cheap overthere is because most are knock offs. You can find them easily off the internet and sites such as ebay.
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Online site for Japanese drama DVDs 2007/7/31 12:53
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thank you! 2007/8/1 06:00
thank you very much for telling me!
actually,i am from italy so it is complitely impossible for me to find those drama here but it will ok,i am giving a look at web sites you told me and i will search in akihabara as well!
thank you again!
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