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Using US Kitchen appliances in Japan 2007/7/28 06:19
I have seen several other threads that deal with the question of voltage in terms of heat-producing appliances and electronics, and understand the basic concept behind what is/is not safe to use based on the voltage. However, I am wondering about kitchen appliances (blender, toaster, microwave, etc.) So long as I have the proper plug adaptors, should I be able to use these items (at a slightly lower heat or power speed than normal) in Japan? I believe all the items mentioned are rated for 120v 60 hz, but the microwave may be a range. Thanks for your help!
by ALynn  

. 2007/7/30 10:46
Should work as normal, like you mention japan is 100v so some items might take longer to heat up or maybe a little slower then normal.

Another item to factor is the cost of bringing those items from the US into Japan (something like a Microwave oven takes up space and weight for shipping), vs just purchasing applicances in Japan.
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