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a santance with kakugo subeki da 2007/7/28 07:56
Please help me to translate a sentence from bunpou mondaisyu

While making a self test on my recent grammar lesson, I made a mistake (I looked in key).
The task concerns verb + 以上は (with the meaning of “since” “ので”).

I chose a wrong answer because I couldn’t understand the one that is pointed out as the correct in the key.
Here is the sentence with correct answer (the task is to choose the part in the last sentence after “ある程度 不便なこと”):

最近、都会を避けて山の中で生活したいと言う人の話を聞くが、簡単に考えすぎているのではないだろうか。山村で生活する以上はある程度 不便なことは覚悟すべきだ。

I don’t quite understand the meaning of “kakugo subekida”. I understand the meaning word by word but in the context…

My translation goes like: “Though I hear from people that they would like to escape from city and live among the nature (mountains), this is not an easy decision, as you should be prepared for discomfort, fairly. (Here I use “prepared” for kakugo)”. Am I correct or not?

I originally chose some funny variant that said “…this is not an easy decision as you will have to improve a lot of discomfort…”
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... 2007/7/30 17:04
最近、都会を避けて山の中で生活したいと言う人の話を聞くが、Recently I hear of (stories of) people who want to escape from city and live among the nature/mountains,

簡単に考えすぎているのではないだろうか。but I suspect they are making (too) light of the situation/they are not giving sufficient thought to it.

山村で生活する以上は、ある程度 不便なことは覚悟すべきだ。If you are going to live in a mountain village, you must be ready for some degree of inconvenience/you must prepare yourself for some degree of inconvenience/you must tolerate some degree of inconvenience.

簡単に考えすぎている is more like "consider it too lightly," "they think it's easy (though it's not at all)."

From the context, I think that this ある程度 goes with 不便なこと, so "(the fact that) it will be inconvenient to some degree," "some degree of inconvenience."

覚悟する is "to be ready for," "to be prepared for," and further "to be detemined enough to tolerate (some inconvenience)," "to be ready to put up with..."
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