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Have I lost my Penpals? 2007/7/28 09:50
I have two Japanese penpals, and both have not been answering my emails in a timely fashion. The first of the two penpals' last email was on July 21, while the other's last email to me was on July 23. Does this mean that they do not wish to stay in touch with me, or are they too busy with work? All week, I've been very concerned about this.

I've been trying to simplify my English in my emails, because I sometimes use big words that they may not understand.
by Melissa  

. 2007/7/30 11:47
You're worried that you lost your penpals because the last time they emailed you was 5 days ago??

I'd give it more time, they could very well be busy. Remember penpals isn't about or like regular friends where you have instant communication every day. Some or many penpals might write once a month or every 2 months.
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Also 2007/7/30 19:27
Remember there have been some natural disasters in parts of Japan recently. Perhaps answering emails isnt the top of your penfriends priorities list right now.
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. 2007/7/30 21:21
I can say honestly you're expecting replies too quickly from a penpal.

I have penpals from a lot of countries. Some want to write multiple emails per day. Some 1 every 2nd day. Personally I can't be stuffed doing that (I'm Australian) as it gives too much pressure and its not like I owe them anything. Its just to share some views about the world, cultural exchanges, etc.

Don't even talk to the girlfriend every day how could I spend more time replying penpals? Especially when there is life outside a computer and there is work.
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maybe, maybe not? 2007/7/30 23:28
Hi Melissa,
Dont be discouraged if your friends have not written you recently. For one thing, If you are writing them in a language other than Japanese it may take them a while to compose thier answer for you.
Another thing from personal experience, and I don't mean to discourage you, is that it seems rather the Japanese way to simply stop writing without warning. There may be many reasons for this, but I often think if your new friend is not very interested to keep up with you stopping all contact is more acceptable that auctually saying 'Thanks but no thanks'...I have had that happen to me many times but I accept it as part of the culture and dont sweat over it- I simply find new friends...
I wish you the best, Ganbatte!
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Dont stress over it 2007/7/31 05:49
Don't stress over it, I hear from my penpal around once every 2 months, and depending on their age they might be on a family vacation or something. I talk to my penpal when she rarely comes on msn and send her an e-mail when ever I have somthing interesting to talk about.

Give it time, Wait for them to reply to you, send an e-mail every so often. Dont be in such a hurry :)
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dont hurry up 2007/7/31 08:33
umm. five days its a really soo little..
I have a lot of friends, not just penpals from japan, and I can tell you, depends from person.. somebody write so soon, some not.. some even and each day.. but we are still soo great friends.. have a some understanding.. sometimes you will be busy soo you cant write on them too.
my best japanese friend do that too, because sometimes she is busy, but she is great, because always she like inform me when she is busy, soo i dont have reasons to worry, because i know, i know i will receive again sooo great email^^ and she always appreciate that. now visited me before few weeks, was great time..
soo dont worry or hurry up sooo much...
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Eh? 2007/7/31 13:12
5 days and you're worried?

This is summer afterall, many Japanese people have cramschool or jobs... Many of my Pen-pals have stopped emailing me completely (more than 3 months of no reply)

That's losing your penpals.

I also have penpals that respond once from every week or so, that's only cause they have jobs and cramschool.

But I also have penpals that message everyday.

If you're feeling the need to talk to someone, you can search up new penpals on this website or post a topic and we'll talk to you, haha.
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