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Where can I buy omamori? 2004/1/17 13:06
I would like to get a general good luck charm, known as omamori, usually sold at temples for about 500 yen. Unfortunately I don't live in Japan, and they don't have that where I live. Anyone have any ideas?
by Melinda  

Omamori 2004/1/18 01:00
www.jlist.com has one for love and one for success. Each one is $5.50 .
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Thank you! 2004/1/18 02:40
Thank you Joe!
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Omamori 2008/11/21 03:20
These omamoris sold at this site are not real "temple omoris", they are bought directly from the manufacturer company.
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Darn 2008/11/21 03:38
I think that's true. I wish I could some how write to my aunt in Japan.I forgot to get the address address!
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Original omamori 2008/11/21 17:26
Hello, I found unique omamori in this site. It does not look traditional, but it is adopted "Yuzen". "Yuzen" is famous as traditional dying method in Kyoto.

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