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Buy a Kimono in Kyoto (not online) 2007/7/29 22:23
Kyoto City

Im on Kyoto and I need the adress of one shop in Kyoto to buy a Kimono. I don:t need a expensive one, just a good kimono at a rasonible price and nost in a tourist shop. And in Kyoto city. Can you please tell me one address to buy a kimono? Thanks a lot!!!!
by Knopfler  

kimonos 2007/7/30 14:57
Kimonos are almost always expensive- a cheap one would be around 100,000 yen. If you would be happy with a cotton yukata (summer kimono) they are available in a lot of department stores for 10,000 yen or less.
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... 2007/7/30 17:52
If Yukata is OK for you, try UNIQLO. They sell YUKATA for 3000 yen/each and they're really pretty!
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