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staying at japanese home? 2007/7/30 07:30

I love Japan soo much, and always try to learning something, about culture, history, traditions , habits and so on..
But even i know many things I still have a many questions, soo i hope somebody from here will help me a little.
I have many great japanese friends, and to now four of them visted me at home ^^ (european country, though not so famous, but never mind that), and all then stayed in my house : )
Well, my question now is, I will go soon in Japan, end of the next month, and of course visit my friends there too ^^
I will see many places, cities and things then there... have a homestay in three homes, and one place in hotel.
Two of the homes, my friends lives with family.. soo i be like to ask about how will be for me there,tell me somebody who stayed in japanese house, with japanese parents, grandparents too.
especially in one of the houses, I will be the first foriginer who stayed there.
maybe at start when visited me first my friend here, vwas a little surprising for my parents too, but was soo interesting for them..
and this thing.. I know japanese people take the shose off before they enter at home, right? and my friends when was here did the same too.. But one of them all the time come inside with shouse, soo i was really surprised..
probably depends from the people, right?
When i will go there, its nice gest I take off the shous before i come inside , right?
and how i can call the parents then? for example, lets say family name is Suzuki. are is good i say mr. Suzuki, Suzuki -san maybe?
I asked one of my friends when she was here, about this, and she told me , you can call them mama and papa, like she called my parents.. but i really dont know..hehehe
well I have many questions, but step by step..
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shoes off 2007/7/30 20:40
I have never been inside a Japanese house where people did not take off their shoes- you can assume it's universal here, it does not depend on the people. Definitely take your shoes off.

Call your friend's parents Suzuki-san- to call them Mama and Papa when you have only just met them would be quite strange
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Japanese Culture 2007/7/31 07:22
As I was in Japan, I stayed in a Host family (with a traditional house) while visiting a language school in Tokyo.

I always had to take my shoes of at the door before entering using the words ''tadaima'' when I arrived home.

I would advice you to call people with their names using ''san '' at the end. For younger children, please use ''kun'' at the end.

But it always depends on the people your living with.

Ganbatte !!!
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thanks 2007/7/31 07:58
Hi, thanks for the posts..
i see. i knew that, but i just was wondered why the last friend who visited me didnt take off the shoes..
I see, yes, i will take shoes off, because by the way that is some habit in my country too..

hehe, yes i know, probably she told me like that, calling them mama and papa, to now be soo nervous and be relaxed when go there.
and are is the same with "san" when i will talk to more older people, like grandparents?

thanks kage, yes tadaima - okaeri..hehehe

and how about eating with chopsticks? I can to eat with them even and rice and other little things, but I dont use them on the right way.. can i offend them with that?
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Japan 2007/7/31 13:04
No, you won't offend them. They will probably heap compliments on you for even trying to use them. Lots of younger Japanese these days don't have such good chopstick technique anyway and hold them in a strange way.
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shoes 2007/8/2 03:25
Your friend probably didn't take off her shoes at your place because she thought she didn't need to in a European country? I certainly don't take my shoes off in the US or Europe unless specifically told to do so.
In Japan, you absolutely must take off your shoes. It's like the law.
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