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Is there a school for me in japan? 2007/7/31 05:00
I always wanted to go to japan for school and to learn the language but I dont know what is required to attend school there!! Do I need certain grades how well does my japanese language have to be? or can I go to a certain school that will teach you basic japanese and so on!
If so can you tell me what school and if they have special rooming etc! Anything you tell me will be appriciated!
by Anna  

. 2007/8/2 11:40
Depends on what school you want to go to for what qualifications are required.

There are language schools that you can go to, there are also Universities.

There are many posts on college and language schools in Japan, I think looking through the archives by using the search function can help you.
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Thank you John 2007/8/2 13:04
Thank you John!! ^__^
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GOOD LUCK! 2007/8/2 13:20
I'm also looking for a school to go to (a high school) and i'm curious about the same things you are! if i find out any information i'll be sure you share with you!

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Thanks courtney!! ^__^ 2007/8/2 14:39
Thanks courtney...I been looking around for a school (probably high too!) but I cant find one that has certain programs and has classes for english people that dont need to be super super smart! haha you know what I mean!
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Also.. 2007/8/2 14:41
If anything we can keep in touch to give better info etc. if you want just let me know I will send you my email!
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