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Dating a Host ? 2007/7/31 07:29
I know the question has popped up from time to time in other people's post, but I'm curious as a 1/2 British 1/2 Japanese female (practically raised in Las Vegas) who may come off as very naive as I go on...would it really be common for a Host to want a girlfriend when he is surrounded by so many women all night or could it possibly be that he just wants to recruit me as a client?

There is a guy who my friend knows well personally and goes at with on many occasions as friends and she let me talk to him by way of e-mail. He has never seen me but my friend gives him this whole bs that I'm so beautiful, something like a Leah Dizon (Ha!), I look like dogshit compared to her, I'm like 53 kg, tan skin (my dads Black from London), Japanesey/Asian face (like Kimura Kaela or Tasha) I'm nothing extraordinary....

I just want everyone's opinion, he seems cool and I guess I like him (but internet dating is so weird but trendy amongst teens and mid-20s. I'm 23 btw. And it's also been such a short time, don't ask just believe me when I say SHORT) but is his persistency something to admire and take lightly or should I just say no to all the things he ask: I really want to see your picture, I wanted to see your picture, Can I please see your picture, do you have a boyfriend, when are you coming to Japan?

Or am I overreacting and should wait for some actual substance? ha...

Oh, has any female dated a host? (Not guys dating hostess, my friend is a hostess so I already know!)

Glad for your input.
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same problem 2007/8/2 16:30
Actually i kind of know one guy online too...He works in some bars in Tokyo. Whenever i tried asking for more info relating to his job, he seems kinda reluctant to reveal more. Thus I didnt question further. But Im suspecting that he maybe working as a host...for his age he seems to earn quite alot. He always goes home late..N he told me he do everything in the bar. Im kind of lost too. I keep imagining that hes some kind of gigolo / what...& this is bad......
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I did... 2007/8/2 18:19
I dated a host for a while, and while a lot of my friends were jealous he was so good looking, it was really hard. He was always tired from work, our schedules were hard to match up, and he had to take client calls and e-mail even when he was out with me. The job itself is really brutal with regards to how much alcohol they end up drinking- some of them even become bulimic to deal with the binge drinking- so I worried a lot too.

He was a really sweet guy and I liked him a lot, but I couldn't deal with it.

However, a lot of the host guys are really fun- they wouldn't make much money if they weren't fun to be around! Great to party with, not so great to be in love with.
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and to add... 2007/8/2 18:23
are you actually going to Japan anytime soon? Because it sounds like you're counting your chickens before they hatch. ^_~
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About hosts 2007/8/2 20:13
I recommend watching the documentary ''Great Happiness Space.'' It's about the host industry, and it's really well made and interesting. You can watch it for free on Google Video.
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What title? 2007/8/2 22:51
Wow, there's this guy I'm talking to online too who as questions just like yours, kekeke~~ but I don't like him in any way and I've always been skeptical of that online dating stuff so I NEVER do it.

I never dated a host and quite frankly the life they live annoys me a bit and I did watch that documentary (which I recommend you watch) Issei has sex with all his clients. Hmmm.

If I ever dated a host I would be afraid of one thing: his clients wanting to slit my throat. =) jk...
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.. 2007/8/2 22:52
Oh yeah, isn't this in the wrong place?
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. 2007/8/3 04:18
A girl with a good judgement doesn't involve with a man who keeps asking for your picture. Let alone him being a host.
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Host 2007/8/3 12:11
By the way, how is 'host' pronounce in japan? So they use the same english word? I was talking to my japanese friend about 'hosts' and he doesnt seem to understand this word well... Is there another name for this?
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Host 2007/8/3 12:37

how is 'host' pronounce in japan? So they use the same english word?

It's "hosuto" in Japanese, with the vowel sound rhyming more closely with the English word "cost" than "host".
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Pronunciation 2007/8/3 12:40
I wrote:

with the vowel sound rhyming more closely with the English word "cost" than "host".

Note that this applies for British English pronunciation. I can't comment on American pronunciation.
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