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I really dont understand this.... 2007/7/31 11:56
Recently I chatted with a japanese online. We sort of like eachother. We are both in different countries..I guess LDR is the thing which is troubling us.

During our conversation he said "I really like your personality", and I said "I like too, you have a good heart" After that he replied "No, Im not a sweet man" then he replied me in japanese. (as below)Im really confuse....I tried translating it but the online translator is giving me rubbish. Can anybody tell me whats on his mind? *sad~ Anyway i replied him "Wakatta...."

もし私が優しい人だったら、あなたが私に好きだと言った時、私はシンガポールへ行き、あなたに優しくキスをするでしょう。そうではないので、私はsweet heartではない。
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... 2007/8/2 14:17
Maybe he used some online (=literal at best) translator.

もし私が優しい人だったら、あなたが私に好きだと言った時、私はシンガポールへ行き、あなたに優しくキスをするでしょう。そうではないので、私はsweet heartではない。

I *guess* the gist is that:
If I had a sweet/kind heart, when you told me you liked me, I would have gone to Singapore and kiss you gently. Since I am not doing that/I did not do that, I don't have (or deserve to be called as having) a sweet/kind heart.
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.....understand 2007/8/2 15:36
I I understand ^_^ thanks for translating yeah! Trying hard to pick up japanese language now...
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