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Housing near Waseda University? 2007/7/31 12:22
Tokyo 23-ku
I need help finding housing near Waseda university that allows members of the opposite sex to visit. Any suggestions?
by Ren  

... 2007/8/2 16:19
I live in the vicinity of Waseda University but there're a lot of real estate agencies near the university. Unless you live in a (men-only, women-only) dormitory, I don't think you will have a problem to invite your friends home.
by J Lady rate this post as useful

Waseda Hoshien International Dormitory 2007/8/5 06:17
is a good option, especially if your going to study at Waseda.
I'm going to Waseda for the 07-08 academic year as an international exchange student and this was the dorm I was placed in by Waseda's Center for Internaional Exchange.

- Only a 5 min. walk to Waseda University

- Male/Female

- cheap and convenient(47,000-65,000 a month)

- fully furnished(w/refrigirator)

- visitor hours listed:7am-11pm

hope that helps.
by Andy rate this post as useful

Waseda 2007/8/15 01:23
Im also going to Waseda for the academic year of 07-08. I just received my confirmation paper that I'll be living in the Hoshien building # 2-3-1. Were you able to find pictures or videos of the rooms?
by Yuberu rate this post as useful

Waseda 2007/8/15 19:17
Hey! sorry, i know im some random but im going to Waseda for the 07/08 academic year as an international exchange student aswel. Andy right? where are you from?
by Britny rate this post as useful

Hoshien Waseda 2008/5/4 16:24
hi! I'll be there for the fall semester 2007-08. can anyone tell me if there are women-only, or Muslim, parts in Hoshien, or in some other dorm that's close to Nishiwaseda?
by Sarah rate this post as useful

Re: 2008/5/4 16:26
haha sorry, i meant 08/09.
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Hoshien mainly for exchange students 2008/11/24 13:07
Hoshien dorm is usually only for exchange students, i.e. 1 year or less. On very rare occasions do they give to regular students.
As an earlier post, trying a real-estate agent is the best option. Some landlords don't want foreigners, so it'll take some time to find the right one, but there's so many agents here that you'll find one. To find a cheap one though will be a challenge. Around JPY70000+. If you share, a bit cheaper of course.
by WasedaGrad rate this post as useful

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