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Do I need an adapter for my Macbook Pro? 2007/7/31 15:20
Do I need an adapter to charge my laptop, specifically a Macbook pro, in a hotel room? I have heard some people say yes and some people say no. Does anyone know for sure? Will not using an adapter be detrimental to the laptop in anyway? Thanks.
by MX  

. 2007/8/2 13:49
Its hard to tell if you don't say which country voltage your macbook pro is using.

Japan uses 100v two prong adapters (Similar to those found in the US, Canada).
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... 2007/8/2 13:50
Most laptops come with an adapter that handles all of the world's common voltages, built into the cable (a black box). Check the label on the adapter for the covered voltage range. If it includes 100 Volt, you will not need an additional adapter.
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adaptor vs transformer 2007/8/2 21:47
An adaptor is to enable the plug to go into the socket as different countries have different configurations. If you are from Australia, Europe, India or the UK you will need an adaptor.

A transformer on the other hand changes the voltage to enable appliances from Japan for example (100v) to be used in, say, New Zealand (240v) without frying the appliance.

All modern laptops have a built in transformer, including Macs. As for an adaptor, as Dave said, we can't tell you that if we don't know where you come from...
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Sorry 2007/8/2 21:53
Sorry. I forgot to mention that it is a US laptop. I guess this means I can use it there no problem? Thanks guys.
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... 2007/8/4 13:57
My "transformer" is called an "AC adapter".
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adapter 2007/8/4 14:49
You will probably need a 3 prong to 2 prong adapter.

My husband and I went to Hiroshima recently and he brought his HP laptop so we could watch movies. It had a 3 prong cord, but all the oulets in the hotel were two prong. Luckily we found a mall that had a computer store or else we would have had to watch Japanese television.

So if your computer cord is three prong definitely bring an adapter!
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CMs 2007/8/4 16:42
(..) else we would have had to watch Japanese television.
LOL, I usually like to watch the local TV programmes when I'm visiting a country but Japanese TV seems to be all commercials, previews what will happen after the break and summaries what happened before the break when getting back. The actual programme moves on like a slug on molten tarmac ^_^;;
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Look at the adapter 2007/8/5 16:30
Take a look at the AC adapter. If it says something like "110-220v" and "50-60hz", then it's an international power supply and you'll be fine. All you may possibly need is an adapter to change your 3-prong plug to 2 prongs.

All the electronics I've bought in the last 4 years or so has had international power supplies, so you're likely to be OK. If not, check the Apple site to see if you can get a different AC block for Japan.
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... 2007/8/5 18:14
The voltage range has to start at 100 Volt in order for you to be fine.
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