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Bape in tokyo and osaka area pls 2007/8/1 01:23

can someone tell me the directons to the bape store locations in Tokyo and Osaka region pls?? I will be staying in the nishi-shinjuku area in tokyo and the Namba station area in osaka, any info and directions will help a great deal since it's my first time in japan.. thank u
by ANdrew  

Bape! 2007/8/2 21:18
Oh my!! - It took me & my BF 2 days to locate the Bape store in Tokyo when we went earlier this year!! It became a mission!! We managed to find the Bape Cafe, and they directed us in the general direction of the store, we ended up walking past it about 10 times!! It's a basement shop, with VERY subtle signage, the shopfront is grey/silver with external stairs leading down to the entrance. I can't explain to you exactly where it is though, you'll have to look on a map for the address.

good luck
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Bape 2007/8/3 03:22
I googled B ape and got this:

Harajuku, Tokyo 4-28-22 B1F Jingumae Shibuya-Ku Tokyo

Osaka 1-19-2 Minamihorie Nishi-Ku Osaka-City

Minami is the Namba area
ask people in your hotels in Tokyo and Osaka
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tokyo (harajuku) bape store 2007/8/5 15:56
my brother has me going to the bape store all the time so he can be the trendiest one back home. if i recall correctly, the easiest way to get to the bape harajuku location is from omotesando. there is a wendy's on one corner; turn at that corner and walk straight down. the store will be on your right hand side. it's a very nondescript store so walk slowly, looking for a silvery/gray bulding with stairs leading down. if you follow the stairs, that's the bape store. upstairs/ground level is bbc.

for sold out hard to find bape items, you can also check out the recycled brand shops on takesita doori. there are a few but one i went to had a really good selection of had to find things- like those tiger/shark hoodies!

i do hope your visit won't coincide with the january sales. earlier this year i had to wait like 2 hours just to get in the store! now is the best time to go^^

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i forgot transportation! 2007/8/5 16:01
from sinjuu station take the yamanote line to harajuku. its platform 14, heading in sibuya sinagawa direction. (i take this train nearly everyday so sorry if my details border on creepy lol). you want to take the omotesando exit when you arrive at harajuku. cross at the crosswalk and face the direction of the blue land bridge thingie. turn left at the corner. wendy's will be on your left side.
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thank you 2007/8/9 00:18
thank u very much
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thank you, too 2007/8/19 23:08
Thank you for those who posted the directions, I just went there today and spent 2 hours wandering around aimlessly like a zombie looking for its head ~{0_o}~
I need to bring a TShirt for a friend, and didn't think it would have been so hard. My feet are RAW
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Bape 2007/8/20 04:16
How expensive is the bathing ape stuff in Tokyo, say for a hoody?
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takai 2007/8/20 21:04
I think the hoodies were at least Y14,000, they were pretty expensive. My bf bought a t-shirt which was about Y6000, and a soft toy for Y1400. I hope your friend gave you some cash!
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thanks 2007/8/20 21:25
hey psycho_in_tokyo

can u tell me how to get to the store directions and hints ~_^.. that will be greatly appreciated, what did u get there by the way??

thank u
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Bape 2008/2/25 05:25
Andrew and all you bape fans check:
or just google Bape omotesando
Omotesando is the major street in Harajuku. for a general map of omotesando in english;
easiest access from anywhere in Tokyo: JR Yamanote loop line to Harajuku. get off the station by Omotesando exit. turn right and walk towards bridge across the street. turn left Omotesando is a wide avenue with trees on each side. follow directions on another post i.e. look for Wendy's etc.
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Bape 2008/2/25 05:45
check this one:
they have a map showing that the Harajuku store is in a small street or alley behind Omotesando. Notice that the only streets with names on that map are Omotesando and Meiji dori. Both are very easy to find. Takaeshita dori is another clue on the map.One of the ideas behind Bape is that it is different, for people who take time to seek and find things, not for people who want things done for them. Between the map on the site I mention above and previous posts on this site it should only take one hour to find it. Think of it as a live video game.
no one has asked about the Osaka store! for shame..Osaka has a lot of great shopping too and is much easier to navigate than Tokyo. Bape Osaka is on Horie, also called Orange street, about 4 blocks west of Amerika mura in Minami-Namba.
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