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Name translations (Romaji -> English) 2007/8/1 22:21
Hi, I've managed to get the names ョアキム and ョーダン via the internet, but now I'm wondering what these would mean if they were just normal phrases rather than names. What would be a literal translation of them?
by Jordan  

... 2007/8/4 15:49
ョアキム and ョーダン

They look a bit wrong... the first letter is smaller than others... they should probably be:

ヨアキム (Joaquim with the first letter pronounced as "yo" as in "yogurt" in English)
ジョーダン (Jordan with the first letter pronounced as "jo" in "journalism" in English)

Please check if I've got the pronunciation right for your names :)

They don't mean anything, but those are simply names. The writing is called "katakana," and this is a set of phonetic letters, used to write non-Japanese words and names.
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