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Japan alone in september....help! 2007/8/2 01:47
Hey everyone!

Im heading to Japan in September (finally after like 3 years of planning!) originally planned to go with my cousin but he pulled out last minute, now Im going it alone! (well not completly)

Ill be arriving in Tokyo and Ill be there for about 4 days till I start my intrepid tour around japan.

From Tokyo ill head to Nikko, Hakone, Takayama, Hiroshima and ending in Kyoto.

Just been reading through the website on what to do and wondering if anyone has any suggestions on what to see? The last thing I want to do is to come back and find out I didnt go here or didnt go there.

Also anyone else travelling with the intrepid group in september? I start my tour on the 8th - 21st Sept. But I arrive on the 5th so we meet up?

Also this my first time travelling alone and with a tour group, whats it like?


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... 2007/8/4 15:26
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Going alone 2007/8/4 23:21
Hey! I just got back from a 2 week trip alone myself.
I would suggest a trip to Himeji Castle (Himeji City). Original intact castle, and they have English Tour Guides. Very interesting, and offers great views. If you are into the Last Samurai, there is a mountain temple complex nearby where some scenes were shot for the movie. Possibly my favorite place in Japan. Peaceful, quiet, history, culture, and offers a great hike and nice views. You can even ring the giant bell on the mountain!
Also, in Kyoto, go to Kiyomizudera for sure. It is one of the famous temples and very beautiful.
The Arashiyama/Sagano district is also very nice and picturesque.
If you have time, I would suggest a trip to Kanazawa. It is a nice two or three day stay, and has a famous garden, a preserved samurai district, remains of a castle (they are currently in the process of rebuilding it), several tea districts (geisha), and a temple with secret doors and traps nicknamed the ninja temple. Kanazawa is also a very easily navigatable city, with a convenient tourist bus.
Good luck!
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Tokyo Games Show 2007/8/6 19:34
Thanks Jess! I should have some free days in Kyoto so Ill check it out!

Heres another question, my tour will finish in Kyoto on the morning of the 21st September, On that same Ill need to get to the Toyko Games Show at the Makuhari Messe (Chiba-city), whats the quickest way of getting there?

Also Im from the UK, is ok to drink Japanese tap water or should I stick to bottled?

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Tap water safe??? 2007/8/6 20:00
Japan has pretty much the highest standards for sanitation in the world. Tap water in Japan will probably be safer than any water in th UK! Water is safe to drink anywhere in Japan.
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Kyoto - Makuhari Messe 2007/8/6 22:45
From Kyoto by nozomi shinkansen to Tokyo by JR line to Kaihin Makuhari station. Walking distance to fair ground
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