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sensu dance fans! 2007/8/4 04:46
hi i was looking for japanese dance fans online but i could not find any good sites. if someone could give a good site that sells them that would be apprieciated.
by emily  

NIHON BUYOU 2007/8/5 22:26
It's called NIHON BUYOU ({x)

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Dance fans? 2007/8/5 22:45
J Lady,

I think Emily was after Japanese dance fans (q) not fan sites. If she means the sort of thing they used to wave around at Juliana's in the 90s, you can still get them at places like Loft or Don Quijote, but I don't know about online.
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fan shop 2007/8/5 23:11
The below link is the only online shop which is available in English
as far as I searched.

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JULISEN ! 2007/8/5 23:13
Oh! You're looking for JULISEN ? Then yes, shops which Dave mentioned may still have some at PARTY GOODS section. (Dave-san, thank for correction)

I found one online shop, which mainly sells Chinese souvenirs, but it's Japanese only.


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Oh ... 2007/8/6 00:54
I thought the original poster is looking for the fans just like the ones used in the movie "Memoirs of a Geisha" when they were dancing ...
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thanks all 2007/8/7 00:25
well i was techinally looking for the find of dance fans that shino was going on about cuz i want to start learning dances like sakura and such, ones that would stay open when ur dancing:)
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