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6 Day Tokyo Trip 2007/8/4 04:55
Hi all,

After winning a competition, my prize was a 6 day trip to Japan, where I will be staying in a hotel (Shiba Park) in Tokyo later this year in October.

Of course, Japan has always been my No.1 travel destination so I want to make the absolute most of my trip.

I am visiting with my uncle, who has been there before since he trains there for Karate. As I have not visited Japan before (or been out of Europe for that matter), I am not certain of everything, so I'd like to ask for some help.

As I said, I am spending 6 days in Tokyo to do what I wish, and will be staying at the Chiba Park Hotel. My spending amount is fairly limited being a young student (16), but it will be somewhere in the range of 600 to 900. Perhaps more, but I need to wait and see how my savings go.

Anyway, I am planning on some personal shopping (I've sorted out methods of getting it all home), but overall I am not certain of everything to do at Tokyo. Can someone recommend or give me some advice regarding places to visit, activities to do, etc?

Secondly, I would like to visit Hiroshima once. As I have 6 days, would someone be able to advise me how I should do this? I am hoping to have a whole-day trip there, but I am undecided on how I should get there and back.

Thank you all very much.
by Joshua W  

... 2007/8/5 15:33
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Thank you 2007/8/6 02:38
Thank you very much! The links you have posted are very useful.
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Tokyo - Hiroshima daytravel 2007/8/6 15:36
Giant that opportunity to visit Tokyo!
Really think about buying the 7 day JR Rail Pass at Yen 28300 in your home country: It will cover your day trip to Hiroshima. ( Because of your budget and the free hotel in Tokyo you do not want to spend another night in a hotel in Hiroshima, I think ). Ok it will be a day full of shinkansen ride: leave hotel at 06.00 h by JR Yamanote line from JR Hamamatsucho station with your JR Pass to Tokyo station for the first hikari at 06.36 h to Okayama, at Okayama ( or at ShinOsaka ) change for an other Hikari to reach Hiroshima station at 11.33 h, your last return will be 18.09 h from Hiroshima, change at ShinOsaka to an other hikari till Shinagawa, from there by JR Yamanote line to JR Hamamatsucho arrival 23.28 h. On the other days you can use the JR Rail Pass to come to your hotel from Narita airport and back again, travel within Tokyo on JR trains ( no subway or private lines ) and if you want to spend another day outside Tokyo even for a day excursion to Nikko.
Please see access to your Shiba Park Hotel under: and please note that Chiba is a different area in Tokyo and not were you hotel is.
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Thank you! 2007/8/6 23:42
That information is incredibly useful to me, thank you so much for going to the effort of providing exact train times and methods of travelling to Hiroshima and back. I really appreciate it, thank you once again.
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day trip 2007/8/7 00:01
If you go to Hiroshima for 1 day, you would still have 5 days in Tokyo, which I think is a lot (assuming those are 5 full days), unless you have some special interest in Tokyo. So I would take another day trip. If you have the Japan Rail Pass you could go to Kyoto. 1 day is not enough for Kyoto, so you would have to not try to do eveything. Instead choose about 3 things that you really want to see and that are fairly close together. Or you could go somewhere nearer Tokyo like Kamakura or Nikko, which can easily be done in a day.
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