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shinta in kanji? 2007/8/4 06:20
Okay, I want to get att tattoo that says Shinta with kanji. Can I write M or is it completely wrong?
by Shinta  

Shinta 2007/8/5 15:42

M is possible, but I would go for something more aethetically pleasing, like S.
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... 2007/8/5 22:10
Hmm...S means HEART. But in Japanese, if you spell S, it has another meaning.
S is pronouned as "TOKOROTEN," kanten noodle.

So, how about using different Kanji for the first part?
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Tokoroten 2007/8/5 22:14
Still better than "chicken drumstick", though ;-)
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2007/8/6 03:28
I just have a little problem with , with it meaning thick...I was kinda going for a name with elegant meaning, and thick doesn't really cut it :-P Or am I completely in the dark on how to write japanese names in kanji?
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... 2007/8/6 07:54
I am just wondering why your question came up - is Shinta a nickname for you?
What I am trying to say is, if you were given the name Shinta (in Japanese), you would have been given a kanji name to begin with. If you are a non-Japanese, and were given the name only in alphabets, maybe you could ask your parents for the background? From the meaning they wanted to give to your name, you can guess the kanji (unless they themselves know). If you are just giving yourself this nickname, then, you can *assign* ANY kanji you likeas long as the sound matches.
for "ta" ending in male names is pretty widely used, by the way.
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... 2007/8/6 12:33
I agree to AK. And for your information, if you use @in names, it does not mean "thick" at all. It means "the best" "the most excellent." That's why many parents use this kanji for their son's name.
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It 2007/8/7 07:12
may be a complicated process to select right kanjis, especially with a terrible Japanese of mine :P And now I dont have a teacher to ask..
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To AK 2007/8/7 07:26
Shinta is my nickname and has been for many years an now I wanted to get myself a tattoo because the name is a big part of me, Yes, I'm non-japanese and I haven't got that far in my Japanese studies to figure this one out for myself sadly. I'm working hard on it though ;-)

I've been looking around the internet and indeed, many male names do have for "ta". Just thought it sounded strange though.

Another thing, I'm a girl so is it awfully weird that I call myself Shinta, since it's a male name. Is it a very masculine name?

Thanks for all your help!
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... 2007/8/7 08:38

Thank you for prividing us with the background. But whoops! I was naturally assuming that you were a guy! It would be... well. quite awkward for a girl to have that name - and if you get a tattoo in kanji, Japanese people who see it will (again naturally) assume that it is your loved one's name! It is quite clearly a male name.

If you definitely want to keep that nickname, could I ask why you've got that nickname? Maybe that would provide us with a clue for "possible" combination of kanji - still, though, it remains that it definitely IS a male name.
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To AK 2007/8/8 01:25
It's such a corny story really.Many years ago I got my hands on the manga Rurouni Kenshin, and his original name is Shinta. He's kinda my hero and all my friends thought I was really hung up on him so they started to call me Shinta.I haven't found anything on the internet wich exact kanji they use for his name (maybe I've just been googling it wrong) so that's why I came here for help.

In short, the name Shinta isn't just my nickname (although I maybe shouldn't introduce my self as Shinta in Japan) but for me it also holds a lot of meaning to it. So there are different reasons to why I want to get the tattoo,
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. 2007/8/8 02:26
According to this wikipedia article, his kanji for Kenshin is S.

which can only make me guess that S equal the "Shin" in Shinta. But the second kanji I'm uncertain about. Can you pick up a Japanese version of the manga and find out?
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Got it! 2007/8/8 08:05
Japanese Wikipedia entry gives his name in kanji as:

If this is THE character that you "got" your name from, it has to be this :)
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Shinta tattoo 2007/8/8 08:28

Go for it! And please be sure to post a photo of it here when you have had it done.
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Confusing 2007/8/8 19:00
Okay, this is all getting really confusing. The Rurouni Kenshin character Shinta does indeed spell his name S, which can also meen kanten noodle (google it and you'll find lots of food). And the name Shinta can also be used as a female name, there's a Japanese squash player named Sachiko Shinta and she's a girl. Nothing ads up anymore :-P and I can only guess that the Japanese people are quite inconsistent with namegiving- and spelling.

All I really worry about now is whether S only means kanten noodle, or if these kanji together can really mean the name Shinta.Anyone who's absolutetly certain about this?
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... 2007/8/8 19:23
There is nothing confusing about this :)

The word "tokoroten," as a COMMON NOUN written as S means "kanten noodle."

S, as a person's name, pronounced Shinta, simply means that name, nothing else. If you take apart the kanji, it can be interpreted to mean a strong-hearted, or something like that. Which I'd say is a good name.

In the name "Sachiko Shinta," Shinta is the FAMILY NAME.
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... 2007/8/8 19:27
Oh, so they switched places on the names, how evil of them. Oh well, still like the name though. Then I'm off to the tattoo studio soon :-D

If I can I'll post a picture here, so wait and see.

Thanks for all your help, it's been very appreciated!
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