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purikura with costumes in Tokyo? 2007/8/5 17:15
Tokyo 23-ku
Hey me and my friends are looking for a purikura machine that lets you rent costumes. I heard there were some in Shinjuku and Shibuya but havent found them yet :( Anyone know where they are?
by Nici  

Cosplay purikura 2007/8/5 18:42

There's one close to the south-east exit of Shinjuku station, Sorry, can't remember the name, or give details, since the cosplay machines were for females only.
I've seen similar places in Akihabara. Just ask around for "kosupure purikura".
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Thanks! 2007/8/5 18:59
Thanks! Ill just walk around by that exit and try to find it. I think its kinda funny how guys cant really to purikura without girls. For cosplay its understandable, but for regular a little extreme.
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membership 2007/8/7 15:44
Hey Nici, I did the costume purikura thing once and we had to become members of the club before we got access to the costumes. I think it cost like 500yen extra and we had to fill in some forms then they gave us a card and turned us loose. Have fun ;p
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Yeah 2007/8/7 18:50
Akihabara has a lot, I remember walking past a lot of them inside random arcade places.
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ikebukuro 2007/8/7 19:04
I know one in Ikebukuro, if I remember correctly its in the building across from the Sunshine building, the same building as that dungeon-themed restaurant.. As im typing this im losing confidence though, it might have been somewhere on the way back back from there to the station xDh
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