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any ideas please? 2007/8/6 05:50
Hi can anyone help please were travelling to japan on august the 22 arriving at tokyo on the 23rd for 2 weeks ,we plan to stay in tokyo for atleast 3 days before moving on.Can anyone please suggest some destinations which must be seen and also have a good nightlife etc ,plus if possible a bit of time at the coast would be good but were really not sure where to go thanks alot.
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... 2007/8/6 09:02
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Tokyo Sights 2007/8/6 18:00
If you only have three days in Tokyo the best spots for you to see would be: Meiji Shrine, Takeshita Dori, Omotosando, Ginza, Sesoji Shrine (Asakusa), Tokyo city (that won't take long!), Imperial Palace and for soem nightlife - Roppongi Hills
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what to see 2007/8/7 03:55
you don't have much time but you must see Kamakura. Its about 40 min by train from Tokyo. See the Dibutsu great buddah The hachiman shrine and there is a beach there. Also go to the Hase Kannon temple. Take lots of photos !
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kansai and more 2007/8/7 03:58
if you want a good place to go and see the beach, there are some places near Tokyo, but also Okinawa, which you will need a plane for. Okinawa islands are the southern most islands of Japan and are very warm and tropical. Beaches that aren't as tropical but closer to you are Hayama about 1 hour away from Tokyo by train (which is where the emperor stays sometimes, also has some nice festival stands for food etc during the summer) and also the Izu peninsula, which is a common resort for honeymooners. It is about a 2 hour train ride away from Tokyo. I recommend finding a hostel or ryokan.

If you would like to go to Okinawa, then i suggest you use the shinkansen (bullet train) and head towards the Kansai area which includes Nara, Kyoto, and i think Himeji. Kyoto's nightlife isn't as brilliant as Tokyo's, but it's neighboring city Osaka has more of neon glow. I suggest you stay in one of those Kansai cities, and from there perhaps you can get a plane ticket to Okinawa. But even if you do not want to go to Okinawa, i still recommend making Kansai a sure stop.

Have a fun trip!
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Yokohama too! 2007/8/7 04:01
i also recommend a day trip to Yokohama, it is pretty close to Tokyo. You can visit Yokohama's China Town and also Cosmo World and the Landmark Tower.
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