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Goths In Tokyo 2007/8/6 07:33
Tokyo 23-ku

I'm planning a trip to Tokyo in March 2008. I have been trying to find information about Goth club nights, shops and music stores online but everything has been vague or out of date. Would anyone be able to recommend a Goth club night on Saturday March 29 as well as some goth shops and music stores? Also, what would be the hours/days of week the stores are open?
by Betty  

stores 2007/8/6 10:57
The stores are usually open 12-8 (sometimes 9, and h.NAOTO is open till 10), 7 days a week.

I don't know any clubs in Japan that do goth all the time. Your best bet would be to look closer to time and try to find an event. There's not going to be much this far in advance though!
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The Darkside 2007/8/7 03:25

Has a listing of goth clubs in Tokyo
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Goth clubs and events 2007/8/7 04:18
I thought this website might be helpful:

You can find gothic clothing at several places, even at some big department stores. There is also a bar called 'Trick or Treat' in Roppongi which is quite nice.

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Thanks so much! 2007/8/9 07:15
Thank you kindly for the suggestions and help!
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