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my family 2007/8/6 11:00
Thisquestion is not romantic, sorry
It is about my mother.

I am a Japanese woman, and I live away from my family for 3 years. Back home I was close to my mother.
Now I understand that when we lived in the same place she 'gave me' enough love for me to give it to other people. In other words, I felt kind more open and passonate to thers because I was almost sure ,they will feel same to me.

I did not see her for a longtime, and we are not to meet soon.
But now I I think I feel dry inside and do not have much love inside to give it to people. I like think only about myself all the time.And my relationship with others become awkward
We try to talk often on the phone, but it is different. We can say just few words and then do our things;work, etc.

Maybe if persons here could give me some idea please!
by Oyai  

Hmm.. 2007/8/6 16:27
Well, perhaps being able to see her face might help? Maybe a conversation over videophone or webcam?

Another alternative would be to write eachother long letters by hand, as I think hand written letters are very personal. If you are both busy, do not write the letter in one day, but instead over several days so it contains lots of thoughts and information.

Another slightly different idea, but perhaps consider getting a cat or dog. Perhaps the emotional bond between yourself and a pet can rekindle that love in you. Who knows! I know that when I'm feeling down, my cat is quite soothing to have close by, and tends to cheer me up ^_^

I hope things get better for you, I really do.
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pet 2007/8/6 17:01
... get a dog or cat as companion would surely help in many ways, wise you well...
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pet 2007/8/6 17:04
I am sorry, I meant to say I wish you well....
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normal 2007/8/6 22:24
If this is the first time you are living away from our mother, that's perfectly normal I think, especially if you're young and single. That's how you grow up.

Moreover, if you're away from home, you're just homesick. It happens to any person young and old.

Have you discussed this with your friends? If you don't have friends to discuss, how about counselors? I'm sure that if you talk about it, it will make you feel better or at least help you straighten out your mind.

Also, how about some homemade cooking? Cook something from your mother's recipe or go to a restaurant where they serve something similar. Food really helps make you feel at home.

Maybe you should pay the effort to spend time and money so that you can meet up with your mom. I cried in front of a five star hotel waitress when I met my mom after only 1 year at a country in between our homes.
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