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Finding IT jobs in Japan? 2007/8/6 13:16
Hi all

I'd like to get some advice on how to find an IT job in Japan from outside Japan. I live in Australia and am at an early stage in my IT career (degree + a little working experience). I have lived in Japan for a year teaching English, but would like to return there to work in IT.

I could just fly to Japan and try to find a job there, but I think we'll all agree that that is quite a gamble. Also, I'm only at roughly a JLPT3 level of Japanese. If possible, I'd like to find a job there before I even get on the plane. I have heard about the Fullcast Technology GET program, but they do not pay you for the first 6 months - which in my case, rules it out as a choice. I would consider similar programs if the reimbursement arrangement is a little more friendly.

Can anybody help point me in the right direction?
by icecream  

IT 2007/8/7 13:09
I see plenty of IT jobs advertised in japan.
I would think that the best option would be to find an Australian company that has a office there as from what I have learnt many of these japanese companys prefer to employ local personal because theres such a large pool to choose from.
There is some australian engineering companys in japan that may be a good place to enquire.
Otherwise if your japanese is good maybe you can compete with the local personal :)
Best of luck whichever choice you choose
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Thanks... 2007/8/8 22:28
Thanks for that, Kevin.

Could I ask you to expand a little on which Australian IT companies have a sizable presence in Japan?
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IT 2007/8/9 08:17
Most people I know working in IT here were either transferred from overseas branches, or spent a few months teaching English to get their foot in the door so they could be in Tokyo for interviews with the IT companies. Then once they were employed by the IT companies they never looked back.

I believe it is possible to come here and interview for IT jobs on a tourist visa but you only have 90 days and expenses can mount up if you are not working.

I know people working for companies like Cisco and HP among others who barely speak Japanese at all as the working languages of those companies is English.
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IT job 2007/8/9 11:46
I'm in Tokyo, doing IT with a bank, and I speak zero english...so if you have good skills, willing to learn, have a good attitude, its possible to land an IT job in Japan.

I got my job with one of the job agencies that advertise job openings online. I suggest you try it this way as well. Look them up on google.

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Jobs 2007/8/9 13:15
Ifm not so sure about IT specifically but Motorola in Western Australia has a large project that has a team in Japan deal with the WA team regularly. Its to do with some phone system that American uses, if you want more information I can ask my friend for information as he works for them.
Panasonic strangely enough also have a large IT division somewhere over east that also deals with their Japanese IT counterparts.
My partner now suggests also that IT companies also look for consultants from overseas, that might be a strong possibility for you also.
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. 2007/8/9 22:39
Thanks for the tips everyone.

Suze: Do you mean something along the lines of Robert Walters and Panache?

Do you know if they recruit from outside Japan?
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. 2007/8/9 23:06
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Zero English? 2007/8/10 07:32
Suze, I take it you meant "zero Japanese?"
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. 2007/8/10 21:14
Does IT stand for international?
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Re: IT 2007/8/10 22:15
IT stands for Information Technology, i.e. the development, installation, and implementation of computer systems and applications.
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