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only staying in tokyo 2007/8/6 15:03
Tokyo 23-ku

im going to tokyo in oct for 5 days.
do you think i should get any railpass?

if i'm only planning to go to harajuka,shibuya,Akihabara and shinjuku.

kim =)
by kim  

... 2007/8/7 18:15
I would consider the NEX& Suica package:
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pre-paid sim card? 2007/8/7 19:12
ok thanks
i will do that, also do they sell pre-paid sim card at the airport?
also can they be use to call internationally/?

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No JR pass 2007/8/7 20:30
hi there,

you definitely won't need to buy a JR pass if you are only exploring tokyo. I was there last year and while the JR pass was great for other parts of Japan, it was not much good to me in Tokyo. If you are just going to be going to Shinjuku, Shibuya etc, you'll find that you'll have to use the metro lines. you'll be much better off if you just pay as you go (it won't be too much) or buy one of the prepaid cards that someone else suggested above.

Have a great trip.
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Tokyo 2007/8/7 20:55
If you stay in Tokyo only, it will be more economical to buy either a single ticket for each trip, or, if you travel more than a certain number of trips per day - buy every day a day-pass that is good for most of the private lines (not for the JR line, but you can manage very well without it in Tokyo itself), just compare the price of the single ticket times the estimated number of trips per day, to the price of the day-pass. For me the day-pass was more efficient.
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No JR pass needed 2007/8/7 20:56
Actually Shinjuku, Shibuya, Harajuku and Akihabara are all on JR lines, but it only costs 130- about 290 yen to get between these places. A JR pass, at 28,000 yen, if you are staying in Tokyo only would be an enormous waste of money- definitely go with the NEX and Suica package.
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tokyo trip 2007/8/8 17:13
wow thanks guys!
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