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Osaka as a "base"? 2007/8/6 17:11
Osaka City
I'm in the early stages of planning for a trip in Japan and I was wondering if there was any merit in having Osaka as a ''base'' of sorts. I want to plan for as less lodging as I can, so I thought that getting a hotel in Osaka and visiting the surroundings (Kyoto, Kobe, Hiroshima) might be a good idea. I wanted to arrive through Tokyo, get a room there and visit the city for a few days then leave for Osaka and visit different locations, but always coming back to the room in Osaka. It seems to me like the closer destinations aren't too far away by train.

Is this at all feasable or should I consider changing my approach ?

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Osaka 2007/8/7 18:58
Bad idea!
You will spend too much time on travelling. Hiroshima is extremely far from Osaka. Also, although it is individual, I do not think Osaka is enjoyable in the evening as Kyoto is, for instance. I have travelled in Japan during 3 weeks and if you plan it properly there is no problem at all. (
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... 2007/8/7 18:59
This is what a website says about Osaka.

Its location makes Osaka a perfect base for doing one-day trips to nearby cities like Kyoto (30 minutes), Kobe (20 minutes), Nara (40 minutes) or Himeji (1 hour). (Typical times shown on JR Trains available without extra express charges starting from Osaka Station.)
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Answer to ... 2007/8/7 19:10
Although it is feasible, you will loose much time in travelling back to Osaka every evening and in coordinating your travels with the train time-table. It is much more practical to plan the tour by travelling from one city to the next one according to their location on the map, and spending one or two nights in each place.
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Shin Osaka as a base 2007/8/7 19:39
Staying at Shin Osaka station area is a good idea when you have JR Pass ( no extra cost for daily return travel ) and you are not interest in late night life in town visited. By shinkansen Hiroshima is 1h 30 min one-way, Himeji 30 min, Shin Kobe 13 min, Kyoto 14 min train ride.
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Thanks 2007/8/7 21:04
Thanks for your input everyone!
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Base in Osaka 2007/8/8 00:49

I visited Japan in November for 10 days last year and based out of Osaka. Stayed at the Hotel New Otani. It is in a business area, but just a few minutes from both JR loop line (train) and the subway. Made day trips by train to Tokyo, Kyoto (3 different days), Nara, Himeji, HIroshima (visited both Hiroshima and Miyajima in same day). You would need early starts to Hiroshima and Tokyo, but we took the Shinkansen which made it easy (and is covered by the JR rail pass). Staying in Osaka and getting around was very easy. Additionally, when comparing prices of lodging to Kyoto, we got much more value in Osaka. Also, we didnt' want to pack up and spend time moving to other hotels in other cities. I just recommend that you be organised before you go on how and where you are going to visit. Enjoy!
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Osaka as a base 2007/8/8 12:09
This is definitely a personal preference.. I stayed in the Kansai 6 times out of 7 visits to Japan. I used to stay in Osaka but now stay in Kobe as I can get hotels very close to the main JR station. It really doesn't take that long to travel from Kobe (or Osaka) as far as Hiroshima on one side and Nagoya on the other. I much prefer a steady base for 1 week or so to getting a new hotel every couple of days..
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