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Typhoon late aug 2007/8/7 06:03
I am travelling Japan from aug 19th - aug 26th. I will be visiting - Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, Hakone, Mt Fuji in 7 days.

I have been following the recent news on typhoon in Japan and I am concerned abt my trip.

Ofcourse, I am not asking anyone to make typhoon predictions for the above dates, but if anyone has any info to share on this I would be grateful. Things like - how much is the typhoon impact on Tokyo, Kyoto and Mt fuji area. If it were to hit Japan how many days does it usually last ? Would it spoil my entire 7 day trip ? How severe are they ? How much time of the day does it usually last ? Has anyone heard of some typhoon predictions for aug 19th -26th.

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... 2007/8/7 22:20
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... 2007/8/7 23:40
I was in a typhoon one time. Actually, it didn't ruin my day (but it was a school day and most of the time i was in the school building).
I can't say it was a deadly typhoon, but it was really entertaining to watch all the people around me doing their best to keep an umbrella above them and then have it break within 3 minutes. Then the collection of rolling, broken, abandoned umbrellas in the pavement creating this huge pile when caught up in some sort of obstacle. The wind is fierce, but I didn't get blown away. It was actually fun to stand in the strong winds.

Though of course, some typhoon actually kill people, but the last typhoon that came killed about 6 out of how many?? millions and millions! It is very sad to hear those deaths, but your chances of being injured aren't great. I think the only thing you could worry about is your flight being delayed if it flying in near the typhoon. Meanwhile, enjoy the typhoon wind. But touring isn't wise...
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Typhoon 2007/8/8 04:18
I will also be in Tokyo in late August. I am a little worried, but there's nothing you can do about the weather.
Were there any typhoons in Tokyo last year?

just check this before you depart to clear your head of worries: http://www.jma.go.jp/en/tsunami/

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of course 2007/8/8 04:51
Every year there is at least one (if not more) typhoon that affects Tokyo. The one I experienced also affected tokyo (I was in the Kantou region).
I wouldn't be worried about it unless your residence is similar to the trailer parks in Florida. If you're inland enough, I don't think there's a huge concern. Just watch the news and they'll mention if a typhoon is on it's way or not.
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follow up 2007/8/8 07:58
Thanks, but just to follow up.
Would things such as concerts cancel because of Typhoons? And do they last longer than 1 day usually?

Thank you,
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typhoons 2007/8/8 08:38
If a typhoon comes very close to Tokyo then we might get 2 days or so of rain, but the strong winds usually last less than a day. Direct hits on Tokyo aren't that common. If an outdoor concert is scheduled for that time it will quite likely be postponed, yes.

A single typhoon won't ruin a 7 day trip.

Most people killed in typhoons it seems were either trying to fix their roofs or were swept away by rivers- easy to avoid either of those situations I would say!
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Thanks all 2007/8/8 08:55
Thanks all for your answers. I am concerned the typhoons might disrupt my travelling plans. Hope the typhoons dont lock me indoors when I could be exploring Tokyo, Kyoto, Fuji...

As for safety, I read that the typhoon forecasts for Japan are pretty accurate which gives enough time to run to the hotel.
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not to worry 2007/8/8 17:07
just wanted to add another voice to say that you're probably worrying needlessly. typhoons should be treated with respect but you'll have A LOT of advanced notice if one is coming and it's usually quite mild. i was driving around kyushu just a few days ago and there was a typhoon warning. we had 3 DAYS advanced warning! that's more than enough time to get prepared. and when it hit, it wasn't very strong. people who are killed--as another poster mentioned--are often the elderly or people who should have been indoors but who choose for some reason to be outdoors (e.g., on top of a roof!). relax and look forward to your trip with great anticipation. i'm sure you'll have a great time!
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