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Interested in Kanji 2007/8/7 14:14
I'm a primary school teacher in Papua New Guinea.I'm interested in finding out about the Kanji and how to write "Welcome to Grade 4D class" so we could write and display it on our door. Please help me teach.
by Beverly Ilagi  

not much kanji 2007/8/7 23:50
With your phrase, there isn't a lot of kanji involved. It would go a little something like:
correct me if I'm wrong.

D4 no kurasu eh ira-shaimase!

the dash in irashaimase means you have to do a little skip in the rhythm of your voice.
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... 2007/8/8 00:06
If you want to say "welcome" to visitors, that should be "youkoso."

4D クラス へ ようこそ!
(4D kurasu e youkoso!)

In this sentence, "4D" remains in alphabets because it is a name, "kurasu" is written in katakana letters (because it is an imported word), and the rest is written in hiragana, for writing originally Japanese words.

"Irasshaimase" is used as "welcome (to our shop)" ONLY BY shops or restaurants (commercial establishments welcoming guests/patrons).
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haha 2007/8/8 02:06
oops i totally forgot about yokouso.
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edit 2007/8/8 02:10
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Come to think of it... 2007/8/8 08:01
Just to add...

If you mean "grade (year) 4, class D," then it should be:

4年D組へ ようこそ!
4-nen D-gumi e youkoso!
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