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My due date is September 9th 2007/8/7 17:27
My sister is going to have her 13th birthday on September 14th.We are going to celerbrate on the 10th. She absolutly adores anime(Inuyasha,Bleach,Naruto,Full Metal Alchemist,ex.) So I have to find some decorations by the 9th.So please,please,please,please..if anyone knows where I can get any anime decorations...let me know?
by I need help ASAP!!!!!!  

?? 2007/8/8 00:52
That is a VERY odd title to give your question!

What country are you in?

I know in the UK that I haven't seen anything like what you described. Perhaps you should make the decorations yourself?
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. 2007/8/8 03:33
When I read the title of your thread I thought you were having a baby on Sept 9.

Where do you live, I guess thats a good question to ask, some places have more things then others.

2nd if you live in a place that may not have stores that carry those items, online stores is the best place to look.
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. 2007/8/8 03:35
I don't know about your local bakery or cake shop, by I know many you can take a photo or graphic into the store, and they can print that photo or graphic right on top of the cake. Just an idea you might do.
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