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Accom in Shirakawago 2007/8/8 03:53
We plan to visit Shirakawago in October.I had one agent booking Magoemon as per suggestion in this forum but it is fully booked.Is it too late to make a room reservation for October? Also,does anyone know how is the location of Kanja/inn Bunroku and Inn Yamamoto .I visited www.vill.shirakawago and have no idea where they are located and could not find area map deep in details of Shirakawago area. Any comment and advice is highly appreciated.
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... 2007/8/8 09:14
Is it too late to make a room reservation for October?

I don't think so, except possibly for some popular dates.


Inn Bunroku:,0.020084&z=16&iwloc=addr&om=1

Inn Yamamoto:,0.020084&z=16&iwloc=addr&om=1
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Thanks Uji 2007/8/8 12:50
It will be great if map is in English.Anyhow,Thanks so much for your effort searching the map for us.I really appreciate your help.

By the way,if somebody know about these three Inn,I still need further comment/suggestion.Thanks.

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Stayed at Kanja 2007/8/8 15:11
I tried to book Magoemon in 2005 but it was full too. Seems to be a popular place. Had to settle for Kanja. It was pretty good. The amenities are modern, with shared bath and toilet facilities. All guests eat in the common room at the same time. It was pretty easy to find, ask for directions at the tourist info center.
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Thanks Kawa 2007/8/8 17:11
Thank you very much Kawa for your info.

Further questions;
1.Can we expect good scenery around Kanja?
2.Is it easy access to major points from Kaanja?.
3.Can they keep our baggages after check-out?
4.We plan to arrive Shirakawago from Kanazawa at 17.40 as per bus schehdule and then depart to Takayama on the next day at 16.05 pm,will we have enough time at Shirakawago?

Thanks in advance.
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... 2007/8/8 22:54
Yes, 22 hours is enough time for the average traveler to explore Ogimachi.
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Shirakawago 2007/8/9 02:44
As Uji says, your schedule allows more than enough time there. The village is not that big. You access it by crossing a bridge from the tourist info center. You have to walk up a pathway to get to Kanja as it is a little higher than the rest of the village. The best time to cruise around the village is the late afternoon when all the day trippers have left. Expect to see busloads of tourist during the day. There is a viewpoint that you can hike to, I believe it is called Shioyama. There are coin lockers at the TIC that you can leave your luggage but can't recall if they had large ones. I only had a backpack so it was perfect for me. You can try asking at Kanja if you can leave yours after checkout. Be aware that the owner does not speak much english. I think you will have a wonderful experience in Shira. I was there in late October. The leaves were turning and it was a very peaceful and tranquil setting. In the early morning the whole village was fogged in. It was absolutely beautiful against the backdrop of those gassho houses. Hope this helps.
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I do hope 2007/8/9 13:20
I do hope to have a great time in Shira and believe it would be.

Thanks both for your useful info.
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