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Hilton or Hyatt in Shinjuku? 2007/8/8 06:24
Tokyo 23-ku

I am from Montreal, Canada, and I will visit Tokyo for the first time from the 20th to the 26th of August, I am looking for a 4 stars hotel in Shinjuku, as close as possible from the action.

Availability is limited so I hesitate between :

Hilton Tokyo
Century Hyatt Tokyo

The rate is the same (+/- 230$ US on Expedia) so I would like to have your recommendation, which one should I pick?

I would like to have a free connection to the Internet (I will bring a laptop), and be as close as possible to the attractions of Shinjuku. Or should I check somewhere else than Expedia? Any other large hotel recommendations?

Thank you very much for your help!

by Mathieu  

... 2007/8/8 09:29
I have stayed at the Century Hyatt (I think it will soon be renamed to Hyatt Regency), and only visited the Hilton as a restaurant guest. I prefer the atmosphere of the Hyatt, because it feels more spacious.

As for internet, most international hotel chains, including Hyatt and Hilton charge their guests around 1500 Yen per 24 hours internet access.

I recommend the nearby Keio Plaza over the Hyatt and Hilton in terms of convenience and quality. They also provide free internet:
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Keio Plaza 2007/8/8 09:32
I've stayed at all 3 hotels and I end up being a repeat visitor of Keio Plaza. Its closer to the train station and the service is really great. They offer free transport to Disneyland as well.

Hilton is great as well but I do find the rates a little expensive as you can get similar product offerings from Keio.

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Keio Plaza 2007/8/9 03:30
The Keio Plaza is a fantastic hotel , have stayed there twice 10/10
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Thank you! 2007/8/9 03:58

I guess it took some time before my question was displayed on the forum, I thought it has been rejected so yesterday night I booked a room at the Hilton (my question was not displayed yet on the forum and the rates were quickly going up on Expedia).

But I will remember your suggestions for Keio, as I went to their website and as you said, the rates and services are better and it seems to be an excellent place to stay. On my next stay in Tokyo I will make sure to book this hotel.

Thanks again for your kind answers, have a great day!

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