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demori 2007/8/8 09:47
I got this note in an e-mail (context:the e-mail is from a band, we're talking about an upcoming show)

当日は、(name of song)でもりあがりましょう!

What I'm not understanding is the でもり- I tried looking up mori as a part of speech and got nothing.

by Kate  

... 2007/8/8 10:31
当日は、(name of song)で もりあがりましょう!

On that day, let's have fun/go crazy with (the song)!

".... de moriagaru" means to "have fun with....," "go crazy (in a good sense) with...." and this "" is the "with..." part :) The verb is "moriagaru (dictionary form)" or "moriagarimasu (masu form)."
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Thanks! 2007/8/8 10:51
Ah, thank you! No wonder I couldn't find it, I was totally looking up the wrong thing!
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