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wagashi course 2007/8/8 11:42
United States
Do you know where can i take a course to learn WAGASHI? in the united states?
by Valentina  

Not aware of courses but 2007/8/10 02:03
If you are near a city that has a larger Japanese population (NY, LA, Chicago, Seattle...) and has a Japanese marketplace such as Yaohan, there is often a bulletin board there where you can post your request. I don't know of any courses per se, but someone might be willing to teach you on a personal basis...

You could also try contacting Minamoto Kichoan in NY or Toraya (also in NY, but they may have closed)...they may have a class, but something tells me they might guard their wagashi recipes more closely.

A third option is to try and contact a Chanoyu (often referred to as "tea ceremony") teacher in your area. You can find them by searching the web or contacting your local JAS (Japan America Society). There is one in most major cities or state capitals. They might also be able to put you in contact with someone who knows something about wagashi.

Some Universities or Colleges may also offer a course on occasion. For example, the University of Illinois-Champaign campus has a "Japan House" that offers many cultural programs, sometimes to the public.

You want to come over? I need to make about 100 rakugan for a tea demonstration the end of this month;)
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