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Know this J-pop song/group? 2007/8/8 14:41
A few years ago, I was watching jpop here in BC Canada. A group came on with a very catchy song. I just remember one of the band members had "afro" type hair and I believe the number 1000 or 10000 was in the title or part of the band name (I could be wrong on this). The sound of the song was close to pop/reggae like Shaggy. I've been looking for years; someone please help and give me peace :o)
by Hideki  

maybe... 2007/8/9 00:17
A.M. 1100?
My friend is a guy who had big hair in a band called HY (HY MODE)and they did song called A.M. 1100. They are from Okinawa.
Maybe it is the same?
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I'm not sure... 2007/8/9 09:45
Thanks for your response Umi. I don't recall the bands name (Hy); Is there a website for this band so I can look at the cast? The song, as far as I can remember, is mostly pop/rap ( "Shaggy" like) except for the chorus which is melodic. Very catchy song. I'll see what I can find for AM 1100 on the net. I know if i hear the song - I'll know it.
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here is PV... 2007/8/9 10:59
This is PV for AM 1100...
It has pop style with rap in the middle. My friend does the first part of the Rap. His hair is hiding under his hat in the video...
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Nice song ...but not the one 2007/8/9 15:46
Thanks for the link; the song is good but not the one I'm looking for. The band isn't the same either. The guy with the hair that I remember looked more Filipino than Japanese (darker). The band seemed pretty casual (jeans / T-shirts) and the song was a bit more upbeat than Hy's.
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