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tai chi 2007/8/8 19:32
Tokyo 23-ku
Does anyone know where I can find a tai chi class in Tokyo? Please don't tell me to go to China - I live here.(-:
by M  

... 2007/8/9 00:57
There're many places where you can learn Tai Chi. Any location in your mind?
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. 2007/8/9 02:31
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Better 2007/8/9 08:22
get a personal teacher :) if you can find one
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to clarify 2007/8/9 16:46
Oops. I should have said - I want to learn tai chi in English, but cannot seem to find a class. I don't care so much where it is, as I'm pretty centrally located. Though near Ikebukuro would be best.
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Maybe 2007/8/9 20:02
I'll open one, but it will take long time, before finaly I'll reach Japan :) so I let you know, if you are about to wait few years more ):
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tai chi 2007/8/9 23:38
Im also living in central Tokyo and have a strange desire to learn tai chi! I'll come with you if you find somewhere M ;p
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Yomiuri article can help 2007/8/10 02:47
I ve read this article in the "yomiuri shimbun" on line/english edition, few days ago. Maybe if you contact this club, they can adress you to someone in Tokyo.
"Tai chi could be described as a sequence of slow, graceful movements that appear to be a cross between yoga and meditation. Performers look as though they are imitating the movements of a bird.

The martial art, which originated in China, has promoted friendship between tai chi clubs in two countries--one in Tonami, Toyama Prefecture, and the other in Harbin, capital of Heilongjiang Province, China.

The friendship dates back to 1980, when the city-run Tonami General Hospital and the Heilongjiang Provincial Hospital started exchanging doctors for training.

In the autumn of 2004, a Chinese doctor, Shao Mingji, 50, from Heilongjiang, met Koichi Watanabe, 63, a tax accountant, as they were strolling near the Tonami hospital.

Shao suggested that Watanabe practice tai chi with him the following morning at the Tonami City Tulip Park. "I wasn't so keen at first. But I began to invite friends to our practice sessions," Watanabe said.

After Shao returned to China, Watanabe inaugurated the Tonami Tai Chi Club. Though the club has no coach, about 30 members practice early in the morning every weekday.

At the invitation of the Heilongjiang hospital, 16 members of the Tonami club and the city's Japan-China Friendship Association began a four-day tour of Harbin on Friday. Their itinerary includes exchanges with tai chi performers in Heilongjiang."
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check these 2007/8/10 03:01
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Chen Style 2007/8/30 22:57
Here is a GREAT school network for learning Chen style tai chi. They have an english website and classroom locations all over the tokyo area.

Here is the link:
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