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Digital Dictionary 2007/8/8 23:28
I'm wondering if I can get a digital dictionary (preferably Casio). A must-have function, able to translate english-japanese and vice versa. How much does it cost in Japan? Probably, the XD-ST series, don't need to be too advance. Does it comes with a voice? thanks
by Jacqueline  

jisho 2007/8/9 09:41
They tend to be pretty expensive. But if you're in Japan right now, I bet you could get a great deal in Akihabara. I think they usually range from $100 to even $600.
The only problem I find with 電子辞書 is that since they're made for Japanese learning English, it's hard to find a dictionary that has furigana under Kanji. Dictionaries that can do those tend to be the most expensive.

This may be off topic (since you're looking to buy something else) but the dictionary I use is in my Palm Pilot. It's from Jim Breen and is made for English learning Japanese. It also allows me to write kanji that I don't know and finds it for me. The program is free. Though you might not buy a palm pilot just for this program, I also use a program to keep train schedules (it tells me when my next train is leaving) and another on how to get from one train station to another. These programs are free too. It's probably not what you're looking for, but just another option in the air (plus it's cheaper than the jisho)
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Jisho 2007/8/9 13:44
Thanks, Miko, for the information. :)
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