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What colleges in the US teach japanese? 2007/8/9 06:14
Can anyone tell me where there are any decent colleges in my state(Texas) that teach japanese?
by Leonard  

. 2007/8/9 10:11
Many universities or colleges might offer Japanese as a foreign language, they might not offer it as a major but they will probably have Japanese as a class. Just browse around University websites and check out what each school offers.
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Linfield College 2007/8/9 11:39
My college in McMinnville, OR offers a Japanese major and minor and two programs for study abroad. One goes to Yokohama for a semester, the other goes to Rikkyo in Tokyo for one year. Also every year, about 15 Japanese exchange students come to our school to learn English. Most stay for a semester, some stay for the full year, very few stay for all four years.
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sorry 2007/8/9 11:42
I didn't realize you wanted colleges in Texas. My mistake. But yea, just do a search and you'll find a lot. Also, contacting a college counselor could help your search. That's how I found my school.
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