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Places to take flower-loving mom 2007/8/9 10:57
Tokyo 23-ku
Hi all!
I'm currently living in Tokyo and my mom is coming over next week. She just loves flowers and would like to see lavender, or any type of flower fields. I dont really want to go all the way to Sapporo to see the lavender. Is there any nice parks/fields closer by that I can take her to?

I dont mind 2 - 4 hours travel to get to the recommended places, so pls let me know what you think. Thanks!

by Suze  

... 2007/8/9 15:49
Lavender is over but how about NUNOBIKI HERB PARK in KOBE?
Take ropeways at Shinkobe station.


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Yuri (lily) 2007/8/9 23:56
How about lilies in Karuizawa?
Karuizawa is very comfortable area to stay in
the summer season and easy to go from Tokyo.
The below site says that lilies are at their best until
middle of this month.
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HAMAMATSU Flower Park 2007/8/10 05:32
HAMAMATSU Flower Park looks great from what I have read. Flower power all the way for your Mom! It is only 90 mins. away from Tokyo and you will see flowers all day long. There is also a HAMAMATSU Fruit Park where you can pick fruits and eat them!
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The problem . . . 2007/8/10 13:26
. . . with lavender and moss floss and such is there is only a short window of opportunity (not so much with lavender).

Via a JR hike, I saw a big-time moss floss park in Chichubu, a stone's throw from Tokyo (Kagemori Station). It was featured in TV news this year. But again, prime blooming is in April.
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Flower parks . . . 2007/8/10 14:13
. . . I can think of in the Kanto area are:

- Futomi Flower Center (Futomi Station) and Nambo Paradise (Tateyama Station) in Chiba Peninsula.

- Hitachi Fudoki no Oka (lily-type flowers are gone by now) and Ibaraki Prefectural Park near Ishioka (Joban Line)

- Gunma Flower Park (Jyomo line from Maebashi)

You will have to take a bus to the parks from the stations, except Futomi is somewhat walking distance.
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Sorry! 2007/8/10 17:19
I mistakenly thought you're living in Osaka! Please ignore my post. They're too far from Tokyo.
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... 2007/8/10 18:04

A nice part for picnicking as well :)
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Whoops 2007/8/10 18:05
... I meant to say a nice PARK for picnicking, sorry!
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. 2007/8/10 21:06
How would you like "Narita Yume Bokujo"?
There are a maze of Sunflower.

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