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Foot spas 2007/8/9 16:57
A read about foot spas in Gero. They look like a wonderful way to soothe tired feet after a long day sightseeing.

Are there any nice ones in Takayama, Kyoto or Tokyo? How much do they cost to use?
by cj  

... 2007/8/10 08:22
Foot spas can be found in hot spring resort towns, and are usually free to use.
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Hakone 2007/8/10 08:40
The foot spa at the Hakone Outdoor Museum is delightful!
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There are . . . 2007/8/10 13:04
. . . many of them all over Japan. The ones that come to mind right now are Hakodate (gift shop area), Bessho Onsen, and Nozawa Onsen. All are free for public use.

There is a real picturesque one at Kinosaki Onsen Station.

At fuming Mt. Esan near Hakodate, you can make your own foot baths from hot water bubbling out of the ground. Just grab a big rock for a seat.
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Footbaths 2007/8/10 18:06
Yeah, they're great. I came across them in Nyutou onsen and Kinosaki. To get an impression, have a look at the photo I took from the road side of the foot spas in Nyutou onsen near the location where a hiking trail started:

The weirdest thing I came across what a pet spa in Tawarayama Onsen. I regret not briging my camera that time.
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Kyoto 2007/8/10 18:46
There's a really nice foot onsen in Arashiyama......not sure where but it was over the bridge, past the jinriksha guys on your left, up the main street on the right hand side. Someone can probably give the exact location!
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foot spa 2007/8/10 18:51
oops should have done this research before posting shouldn't I? "At Arashiyama Station on the Keifuku Electric Railroad in Kyoto, the Arashiyama Onsen Station Footbath opened in September 2004. The footbath is wildly popular. It attracted 23,000 customers in its first 57 days - matching the target that had been set for the entire first year. The station has even begun offering special "footbath commuter passes" for passengers whose sole purpose is to soak their feet in the bath."

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etiquette 2007/8/12 20:03
Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I'm amazed on the number of spas available. Would love to hear of any more recommendations. Are all free or do some charge to use?

Is there etiquette I should be mindful of when using the spas?
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There's also. . . 2007/8/13 07:51
. . . a huge one laid out in tile at Atami, on the boardwalk.
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