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Book flights now or later? 2007/8/9 17:04
I have found flights to Japan for flying out in April 2009 for 570 GBP(approx) with one stopover in Australia.

If I am certain this flight is going the correct day and a suitable time for my trip, should I book it now, or would I get a better deal if I tried to book much closer to the time, or last minute?
by Kelly  

:( 2007/8/10 16:48
Any opinions? Anyone? Surely someone here flies out to Japan enough to know whether it is best to book earlier or later?
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... 2007/8/10 16:59
I doubt anyone can tell you for sure if this is the best deal or not, there are new packages/ specials all the time.... and we are talking about 18 months away so there are lots of variables, eg exchange rate

My advice is if the date suits you and you are happy with the price, then book now
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Hmm 2007/8/10 17:20
That's the thing. I don't know if I am happy with the price, because I have never been to Japan before and have no idea how much it should cost!
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Cancellation conditions 2007/8/10 17:30

I can't comment on whether it is better to book so far in advance, but I would recommend checking the conditions carefully to make sure you don't lose out if you have to cancel for some reason nearer to the departure date.
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... 2007/8/10 17:32
I've seen similar price for return flights between Manchester - Amsterdam then to Tokyo years ago (which I bought), which I thought was a good price then. I think it was 530 sterling or so (no fuel surcharges then). In your case, considering that it's still... over a year ahead, if you book now there might be some other inconveniences - for example, airlines could possibly make changes in the *flights* themselves (certain routes available on certain days of the week), besides you might want to change your schedule, who knows? Another thing... is a stopover in Australia something you'd like? I assume you are from UK? it simply sounds like a long detour....
I would not recommend last-minute purchases, but I normally buy at longest six or so months ahead, when the airlines publish their regular fares and everything.
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. 2007/8/10 17:47
Stop over in Austrailia? Is that part of your plan or what the airline routed you through?

Its a major detour especially if you're flying from the UK.

I usually don't book my tickets out so far, but again there are a lot of variables such as fuel prices etc.
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book flights 2007/8/10 18:06
Certain air routes ( eg Asia -Japan - North America ) are heavily booked in advance during peak seasons, so normally I would make the bookings 4-5 months before flying. In actual fact, I had already booked my December flights to Tokyo last month. A good travel agent ( if you book your flights thru one of them ) will normally advice you when to get some promotional fares. As for the foreign exchange risk, I think it is difficult to predict 12 months ahead the currency movement. If you make subsequent changes to your bookings for whatever reasons this may subject to penalties ( certain airlines would levy a charge of US$25 - US#50 per amendment ).
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flight 2007/8/10 19:58
to be honest anytime i've been to Japan, and thats 8 times now, around 500GBP is as cheap as it gets return! I also found that they never get cheaper haha, only dearer as time goes on!

As above, is the stop over something you want or part of the package? either way you wont really beat that price by much. Try Virgin, BA they are the 2 best to fly with from UK in my experiences! Good luck and enjoy!
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:) 2007/8/10 22:31
Thanks for the replies.

The stop over wasnt something I chose... it came as part of the flight. I cam flying from London Gatwick to Tokyo.

I think, due to some of the comments people have made, I might consider purchasing my tickets closer to the date. I will also check those airlines that have been mentioned. Any other opinions or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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... 2007/8/11 03:49
Nothing is perfect. For a cheaper price, I used to book my flight close to departure date when there was fewer travellers.

But not anymore now because by the time I get the price I want, I cannot get the seat that I need!!! My travelling date had to be cut short or extended against my will.

So I purchase my ticket 6 months before departure when airlines normally offer "Early Bird/Promotion" tickets. It may not be the cheapest but surely, I'll get the seat I want.
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Book flights now or later 2007/8/11 04:45
We are flying on American from the U.S. in February, 2008, to New Zealand and then returning from Tokyo. The airlines would not allow us to book more than 330 days out. Have you checked with your airline to see if they will even take a reservation that far out? I booked as soon as I could because I was afraid of the fuel situation. Also I wanted to apply for an upgrade as soon as possible. These might be considerations for you, as well.

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. 2007/8/11 05:33
I didn't notice but yes did you put 2009 ??? Knowing the airline business these days thats quiet FAR out, if you meant 2008 thats another story.

Now for me I usually book about 2-3 months out. Why, because airlines (depending on what airline you fly) will usually release lower fare class tickets close to those dates. For example If I book now I'm going to be paying 1200usd, but I now a price usually will drop to somewhere around 700-900 USD the closer to the trip. However this is all depending on time of year, peak travel times, off peak travel times, fuel prices etc. Flying in April I would say isn't peak season like summer, but prices are usually a little higher than say in February.
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