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Travel to Utsunomiya - What to do There? 2007/8/11 01:24
May be traveling from USA for Aikido camp. What is there for family to do while my child is attending the camp?

Will be there 3-4 days.

by Craig Westbrooke  

... 2007/8/11 07:07
Nearby Nikko offers historical sights, nature and theme parks:
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Gyouza 2007/8/11 07:10

What to do?
Eat gyouza!
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More on my question 2007/8/12 07:23
problem is that my kid wil be in camp for 3 days. would hate to do all the sightseeing things that she will miss, unless we go to Nikko twice, etc. Ideas for some "non tourist" things to do until the camp is over, then we can be tourists.
thank you - Craig
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There is . . . 2007/8/13 09:12
. . . surprisingly little to see in Utsunomiya, considering the size of the city
. I've always found that puzzling. They don't even hold any JR hikes there.

But as Dave said, there is a good gyoza obento place just outside the train station, on the left (don't know if it's still there). The side dish of wasabi pickled vegetable goes perfect with it.

But I do recall some historical things to see, such as a temple or shrine and I believe a huge tree. Also a cedar avenue or street. I must have got the info and a map from the tourist info center.

As for places nearby, besides Nikko, Toshigi has some restored storefronts and if you are into pottery, there's Mashiko. Maybe they have a bus from Utsunomiya. The Moka railway which services Mashiko offers a locomotive ride.
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