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One kanji - two names 2007/8/11 05:45
I'm writing a story about a crossdresser which takes setting in Japan.

Therefore I need a name written in Kanji that can be pronounced in two different ways, such that one pronunciation forms a male name, while the other is a cute female name

Any suggestions?
by Vozduh  

Unisex names 2007/8/11 07:32

While it is not quite what you are asking, how about using a name that is "unisex", such as Kaoru? It can be male or female depending on the kanji used.
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... 2007/8/11 08:33
「光」Hikaru (male/female), Hikari (female)
「恵」Megumu (male), Megumi (female)
「希」Nozomu (male), Nozomi (female)
「正美」Masayoshi (male), Masami (female)

As Dave mentioned, the use of unisex name is one option.
Is she/he a Japanese? Then, addition of "-kun" "-chan" makes it much easier to tell a boy from a girl. (Kaoru-kun is a boy while Kaoru-chan is a girl)
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... 2007/8/11 13:08
Just a follow-up on J Lady's post: "-chan" and "-kun" are used when SOMEONE ELSE refers to that person. Don't let the crossdresser character him/herself use that ending to refer to him/herself; that would sound VERY childish.

The names chosen by J Lady are very good choices - just make sure that in your book the Japanese kanji characters appear as they are, otherwise it does not really make sense. If it's in alphabets only, then it would be better to use unisex names.
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Family Compo 2007/8/11 15:31
You story reminds me of the F.Compo manga by Tsukasa Hojo of City Hunter and Cat's Eye fame. I know that it has been translated into French and Italian but you can probably find English fan translations on the web. Even though it includes cross dressing, it is not an adult manga.

The main person, Masahiko, needs to dress up like a girl and when asked for his name he starts to say Masa... and then quickly changes it into Masami, keeping the same kanji for the 'masa' part of his name.
Lots of cross dressing in this manga and until the end we don't know whether Masahiko's pretty cousin is male or female ^_^;;

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cousin 2007/8/11 15:38
and until the end we don't know whether Masahiko's pretty cousin is male or female
Come to think of it, the name of that cousin is Shion, written in kanji as 紫苑, and Shion uses the same name and kanji when living as a boy and as a girl.

To be honest, this manga is pretty good even though it might sound cheesy or perverted by the descriptions above :-P
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