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Japanese word for "fake" 2007/8/11 09:49
OKOK, so when I was in Japan, I was trying to explain that the rolex on my wrist was a fake. Like the kind that you can buy on the streets in New York. I could not for the life of me think of how to explain it. What is a word for "Fake" as in a "knock-off product"
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fake 2007/8/11 10:09
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Fakes 2007/8/11 15:09
Japan and the UK seem to be active in hunting for fakes. Of course a fake Rolex is more difficult to spot than a fake Luis Vuitton bag but if you get stopped in customs and they spot it, they will confiscate it and you get fined.
At least according to a BBC programme some time ago. ^_^;;
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hmm... not in America 2007/8/12 03:08
I think that that doesn't happen much in America, because then they would have to stop all of New York from travelling...
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ha ha 2007/8/12 08:06
i was thinking the same thing lol
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