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Does this mean anything? 2007/8/11 13:46
I was called "Neankochan", when I was in Aomori province in 1968 to 1970. I was told that it meant kitten, in reference to my eyes. Does this make sense today, or is it old fashioned?
by George Logan  

Neko 2007/8/11 18:49
You sure it wasn't "Nekochan"?

In Japan, some women pretend to be cute cats around their boyfriends. Which might give some explanation on why you were called a cat.
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nyanko 2007/8/11 20:56
Are you sure it wasn't nyankochan?
nya is the noise that cats make, and so nyanko is a word for cat/kitten.
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. 2007/8/12 03:03
oh yea, that would make sense.
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Nyankochan 2007/8/12 10:22
Yes, that would be probably the correct spelling. I never saw it written down. I only heard it spoken. That was a name that I was called by some young ladies. They said it was because my eyes looked like the eyes of kitten! Thank you very much for responding.
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Hi Kitty! 2007/8/12 13:45
Nyanko-chan can be spelled Neankochan too. It's not old fashioned and it makes perfect sense.
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O-nyanko kurabu 2007/8/13 08:05
There was a girl pop group in the 80s (I think) called "O-nyanko kurabu"- their name refers to kittens.
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