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A Bit Embarassed... 2007/8/11 14:24
Hello. I deal with acne and this is a bit embarassing to ask about...I will be meeting my penpal sometime this week hopefully and I was just wondering if maybe they will be disgusted?I guess is the word im looking for.... by my acne? I've never seen asians with bad skin so I don't know what to expect do they deal with acne in Japan?..
by Carol  

nope 2007/8/11 18:52
I really don't think they will care. The Japanese do their best to make new potential friends feel as comfortable as possible. Though it may be possible people on the street would give you a stare... but it would probably be because you're a foreigner, not because of your acne.
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Don't worry about it 2007/8/11 22:56
Plenty of Japanese people suffer with acne, believe me. Proactive is a big seller here. I suffer from acne from time to time- I have noticed that Japanese people are a bit more likely to mention a bad breakout to me than people in my home country are, but it's not excessive.

My Japanese host sister recently got married to a Japanese guy with really bad acne- like people in any country, she sees past that. The majority of Japanese people are not superficial enough to let acne affect their relationship with someone, don't worry.
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Thank You 2007/8/12 03:09
Thank You it makes me feel a bit better but obviously I will still be concerned about my acne...anyways so if I were to get him a gift of somesort it doesnt have to be big right? I don't know what to get him especially since he is a boy...
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gift from home 2007/8/12 06:04
Since you're meeting him for the first time, it is customary to give a gift that is something special about your home. For example, if you live in a wine country, you might give him a bottle of your region's wine. Or if you live in an area with special candies, buy him some of those. The gift doesn't have to be expensive, just something special from your home.
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Hm.... 2007/8/12 06:38
Well I Live in Arizona?! So i don't know...what if i gave him a flower? would that be too much maybe?
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flattened flower? 2007/8/12 08:35
Have you ever flattened flowers before? Or seen a store that sells real flowers that have been compressed and framed?
Also, many Japanese men love baseball. If you get him an Arizona Diamondback's souvenir, he might enjoy it.
Even a postcard would be appreciated.
Something about the grand canyon would make a great gift.
It doesn't have to be big or expensive, even a t-shirt that says Arizona on it would work.
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