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Transgender in Kyoto/Osaka? 2007/8/13 16:04
Osaka City
Anyone know of any transgender places to go in Kansai? I'm particularly interested in FTM bars/clubs in Osaka. I know of a lot of them in Tokyo, but that's a bit far for me.
by Transboy  

Bars 2007/8/14 10:08

If it is of any help, the page below lists a number of bars and showpubs geared towards FTMs, although they seem to be mostly okama/onabe places...
by Dave in Saitama rate this post as useful

thanks! 2007/8/23 04:51
Thanks for the reply! The website looks promising, but for some reason the text comes up nonsense. I have japanese/asian fonts installed on my computer. Oh well. And I'm up for more answers too if anyone has them to the first question or to the text problem.
by transboy rate this post as useful

Encoding 2007/8/25 05:43
The page doesn't set the proper encoding and if your default location/language is set to another country than Japan, it might come up with garbage. Try setting the encoding of the page from your web browser's menu to one of the Japanese options; it'll probably work them.
by Kappa rate this post as useful

thanks kappa! 2007/8/25 13:15
Thanks kappa! Worked perfectly. I went to view, then character encoding and picked a japanese one. This was for firefox. thanks alot
by transboy rate this post as useful

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